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Contemporary Containers and Cuts

Earl Lieske III is an award-winning horticulturist, florist, garden guru, plant nerd, and artist who thrives on inspiration from nature and changing seasonal colors. He is currently located in northern Minnesota continuing his extensive educational and professional journey. With a family history steeped in Midwestern friendliness and industriousness,  Earl's interest in horticulture started from a young age and continues to grow. 


Earl's design perspective is influenced not only by the latest container and gardening trends, but also by his unique, artistic eye. With a focus on form, texture, and structure, he creates distinctive designs with unexpected foliage and color combinations. Be it blooms, shrubs, edibles, faux materials, and other landscape plants, when it comes to container design, interior or exterior, nothing is off limits. Learn more about Earl's experience and design aesthetic here. 

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"It is art, it is living sculpture — make it glorious."


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Nature and Travel Photography

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Interior, All-Season Container Designs

Interested in container designs exclusively for inside your home, office, or business? Browse the Gallery here

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