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Container Design Gallery

Color, Drama, and Diversity

Container design has a lot to offer. Every planter is a showpiece and designing a container, pot, or other vessel allows for the display of unique creativity and authenticity from within. The options are endless. From exterior, seasonal containers or indoor-only, all-season designs, symmetrical or asymmetrical, you have the opportunity to utilize a mixture of elements. For me, inspiration usually comes from one element or plant and then I build around it. Trends are also shifting from 360-degree containers to more 180-degree designs. I like thinking in terms of an 180-degree design because it allows for more depth in the design.  

This gallery showcases containers designs of all kinds and seasons. These are just a quick look at the drama and diversity I like to implement into designs. Specific containers can be found here: Indoor-Only, Outdoor-Only, Fall Containers, Winter Containers, Spring Containers, Summer Containers, and more. 

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Indoor or Outdoor, the Options are Endless




Browse the outdoor container gallery for the best designs and options for exterior décor



All-Season Containers

Browse a collection of containers for inside your home, office, and more. 

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