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Spring Designs

Stunning Seasonal Color in Spring 

Spring is an amazing season with sprouting flowers, (hopefully) sunshine, and rain showers. With seasonal containers and arrangements, you can celebrate the season while expressing your unique style. Because the last frost dates can vary depending on year and location, it's important to have a container with hardy plants that can survive if colder weather is still around. While you wait for summer, you get to see the textures and colors of the Spring season. 

Some favorite Spring materials
  • Viola 'Etain'

  • Helleborus varieties

  • Matthiola incana, or Stocks

  • Euphorbia characias, the Mediterranean spurge or Albanian spurge

  • Lactuca sativa, or cultivated lettuce

  • Pansy varieties, such as Frizzle Sizzle and Panola Pink

  • Ranunculus asiaticus varieties, or Persian Buttercups

  • Calluna Vulgaris, or Common Heather Plant, and more!

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Think Balance

Two or more containers allow you to flank both sides of an entryway, creative a cohesive design, and more!

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